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At Phase One Fireworks we like to cater for all tastes and budgets, so for simplicity and ease of choice we've provided you with 5 basic options for your display, dependent on what you would like to spend.

From here it's up to you how your display plays out - you can either leave it to us to create something that will blow you away, or we can discuss the many options available for you to create a completely bespoke display for your special day.

Please see below for some of our options:

Wedding Fireworks Packages

Bronze Package

£250 Per Minute (Minimum 4 Mins)

This is our entry level display - fired from one location but still packing plenty of punch!

The Bronze package is a great option for those who want to light up their night but would like to balance their spending.

Silver Package

£460 Per Minute (Minimum 3 Mins)

The next level up from our Bronze package, is our Silver package. 

We can fire this display from up to 3 positions (dependent on the venue) which adds a level of symmetry for a more impressive display.

The amount of fireworks going off at any given time also increases with the Silver package.

Gold Package

£740 Per Minute (Minimum 2 Mins)

The Gold package is another step up from the Silver in terms of volume of fireworks included and the amount of positions the show can be fired from.

Again, this depends on the venue but more locations allows for greater coverage in the sky.

Diamond Package

£1050 Per Minute (Minimum 1 Min)

The Diamond display is the kind of display we would design for one of the many competitions we have competed in (and won!).

Venue allowing, we will be able to fire from a larger number of locations which will provide a much grander and higher impact display.

The Ultimate Display

£1300+ Per Minute (Minimum 1 Min)

If money is no object, then our Ultimate package is the display for you.

Larger shells, more firing sites and a spectacular finale will completely blow your guests away.

Quiet Displays

You may not realise, but fireworks don't always have to come with the big bang we're so used to. In fact, we've spent time refining our quiet shows down to a tee.


Any of our packages can be made in to a quiet display, feel free to get in touch if this something your venue requires.


Add the finishing touch to your display with some of our added extras:



"Push the Button"

Heart Shells


Driveway Fountains

Extended Finale

Sound System Supply

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